Solar Energy - Funnel

Funnel Flow 

1 - Visitor register to gain access to your "lead magnet" through the ​Optin Page
2 - Lead is captured and Autoresponder campaing is triggered (optional)
​3 - Visitor is directed to LIQUIDATION page
4 - Visitor buys Your Product on your Checkout Page (choose between Simple Checkout or Upsell Checkout)
5 - Visitor is redirected to the Thank You page

Editing the Funnel

1 - Create an offer with your product
2 - Edit the pages with your own lead magnet, product offer, coupons, and check out information
3 - Edit "legal pages" with your company information
4 - Connect your email list to the form on your Optin Page
5 - Change the urls on the Optin Page
6 - On the PURCHASE NOW button, create an action directing the user to your Checkout page you choose
7 - On the Checkout page insert your offer
8 - Configure the Thank You page as the destiny after purchase
9 - Connect a domain and publish it